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Welcome to Henry Press, a small press publishers and printers based in Manchester.

We started out producing an alternative map/guide to Manchester, showcasing favourite haunts, off the beaten track attractions and the best independent businesses the city has to offer.

From there the publications started flowing, firstly photographic titles, and subsequently illustration, graphic design and collaborations with Animated Review on a series of cartoon zines and Super Smash Hit Records on packaging for their tape releases.

Our ethos is to produce simple, beautiful and affordable short run editions by our favourite artists, in a variety of formats, giving everyone the chance to own well made, limited artefacts. Our range includes risographed prints and greetings cards, fold out beak books and artists' monographs.

More recently we took the decision to start offering the same printing and binding methods we employ for our published output as a service for everyone. The way we work strives to be simple, fair and upfront, with costs clearly outlined. Our knowledge of the publishing industry, from the side of the producer as well as the retailer, allows us to advise on the details often forgotten with on demand printing from larger companies.

Henry Press will always be small, that's the way we like it, and we'll always be here listening and learning from those who we interact with, so do get in touch and see what we can do for you.